General Criteria

  • 18 years of age or older, male.
  • SOAR-R level 4C/4D
  • Sex offenders and/or violent offenders, may require additional information for further screening before acceptance. PSIR and/or criminal history must be sent to agency. If no PSIR is available a copy of the police report is required.
  • Offender who does not have extensive physical or mental health conditions that may interfere with the program.
  • No pending felony cases.
  • If client is currently on medication it is required that a 90-day supply of all medication be sent with client.

Exclusionary Criteria

  • Serious psychiatric disorder which would endanger the client, staff, community or other clients in the program.
  • Current serious suicidal and/or homicidal threats directed towards self or others.
  • If family member or significant other is already in treatment program or if client is related to current staff member, or any obvious conflicts of professional treatment exist.
  • Total refusal from the client to participate actively in the program or a refusal to agree with the programs’ rules and policies.

Discharge Criteria

  • Major or repeated rule violations.
  • Failure to participate in all program aspects.