What am I allowed to bring to your facility?

Community Correction (CC) clients are encouraged to bring clothing (indoor, outdoor & weather specific), hygiene products, and personal items (ie: family pictures, books, etc.). Please be aware that upon presentation to the facility, ATC staff will inventory and search all property and reserves the right to approve or deny items. Facility space is limited and it is recommended that clients bring no more than one (1)  week worth or property. You will have access to laundry facilities during your stay. You will be unable to keep more property than what fits in your locker/designated areas.

What are your payphone numbers?

Phone numbers will vary by sites. If you need to contact a client, please contact the facility directly.

How many people does your facility hold?

Advantage Treatment Centers Sterling and Alamosa are currently zoned for over 100 clients. Montrose (75) and Lamar (47) are slightly smaller.

What is my case manager’s phone extension?

This will be provided upon intake to facility.

Will I be required to pay money while at ATC?

Clients will pay Child Support, Fines, Fees, and Restitution, Subsistence, and treatment fees while in the program.

What is the mailing address to your facility?

Please address any mail to:


c/o ATC

When can I have a visit and how long can my visitor stay? How do I get approved to be a visitor?

Visitors must be approved by program staff before they are permitted to visit. You may print the form below and send to the program via mail, fax, email or bring it with you in person. Once approved, in most circumstances clients are allowed visitors 7 days a week for 1 hour. Visitors are welcome to come 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  See the form for more details!

Visitation Form

Can my visitors bring me food/allowable items?

Visitors are allowed to bring food and personal property to a client, all food and property MUST be checked into the security office before the client has possession of it.  All ATC facilities will take drop offs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. but you need to make arrangements for drop offs before or after these hours or the property may be delayed in getting to your family member.

What should I expect the first day I arrive?

Advantage Treatment Center new clients should expect a busy first day when they come to the facility. Clients will go through an orientation process that includes signing all rules and regulations, taking a baseline U.A., having a room and bunk assigned, and a facility tour. In some instances clients will also start the Case Management process with an assigned Case Manager.

When will I be able to sign out my first time?

Clients are allowed to sign out once the Case Management intake and assessment process is complete. Generally this process is completed in the first 2-5 days while in the program but can take up to a week in some circumstances. Clients are on “intake hold” status until completion. Depending on what client type, and what criminal case you have you may very well be required to complete a longer intake hold.

Am I expected to take treatment classes while at ATC?

Generally speaking, all clients at ATC will be clinically assessed and any areas of need will be addressed at that time. In many instances that can include drug and alcohol or cognitive behavioral treatment. ATC believes that in order for our population to leave in a better place than when they arrive we must aggressively pursue any and all needs found during the assessment process. WE WANT TO HELP YOU, HELP YOURSELF.

Who is in charge of ATC?

The Owner and President of Advantage Treatment Centers Inc. is Doug Carrigan. Vice President Josh Mayhugh supervises all sites and can answer any questions or field affirmations/complaints by calling him at 970-571-1706 or by email at josh.mayhugh@advantage-tx.com.  The Onsite Program Director oversees the day to day operations of the facility. Please see the CONTACT US tab for more information.

How do I complete the Residential Community Corrections program?

Each client will be given an individual specific program Case Plan during each of the 4 levels. Generally speaking completion of all 4 levels can take anywhere from 4-8 months to complete based on the clients willingness and ability to progress through the Case Plan. We believe clients will be much more likely to succeed after the program stay when they engage in pro-social activities and continue to stay connected to the positive people in their life and will be encouraged to do so in all parts of the program.


What if I can not afford outpatient treatment?

Outpatient treatment fees can be self payed, vouchers by your referring agency, and soon to come ATC intends to be Medicaid approved in some sites!

If finances are an issue ATC also utilizes a Sliding Fee Scale for services. Please see the link below for Outpatient Groups that includes the Sliding Fee Scale.

Out Patient Groups